I got into University!!

2012/01/29 Sun 16:55

That's right! Pockami is now a Uni Kid 8D I'll be studying Asian Culture and Japanese Language this year - my dream!! :D
There's a lot of hard work involved, but it's what I'm really passionate about so I'm sure I can handle it :)
2012 started off rocky for me, my plans for further education after High School kept changing due to many things, but it's all good now and I will be starting Uni in about a month!! ^___^
Speaking of the New Year, a new year means new cosplay!! :D I have lots planned for this year, for cons and shoots, so hopefully I have enough time and money to finish them all! >__< I can't wait to cosplay again with my lovely Shiyuuki girls :') I miss them so much!! :( But when I find a job in Sydney I'll be moving up there! :D But my mum wants me to stay at home longer until I have more money T____T I guess I'll just see how things turn out ...
At the moment I'm cleaning out and rearranging my room ;___; It's so tedious, my neck and back hurt from bending over and carrying stuff >< Maybe I'll finish tomorrow .... Unless Mum makes me finish OTL
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2012/01/10 Tue 18:10

As a late 18th birthday/Christmas present from my friends and sister, they got me a Playstation 3!! 8D It was such a surprise, I almost cried!! :')
I've been playing Mirror's Edge, Alice: Madness Returns and Harry Potter Lego as a present from Anthony <2 ^_^
I've added Alice and Faith to my cosplay list for this year too :P Yay for Pepper Grinder Machine Gun!! 8D
I can't wait for Catherine to come out in February too! I'm going to cosplay her too when I have money :P
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New stuff! :P

2011/12/29 Thu 18:38

Spent a bit of my Christmas money today :) There was a sale at Cotton On, which is one of my favourite stores so I was uber happy! :D


New diary for 2012 and the cute pen Ayuvi got me for Christmas :D


I'd seen this bag in the store for ages, but it was like $40 >.< But thanks to the sales I got it for $10 :D


Awesome mini-cowgirl boots my sis found, such a steal at $5!!

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2011/12/25 Sun 12:29

私の父のクリスマスツリーです。 すごいですね!

Merry Christmas everyone!! :) I hope you're all enjoying your day whether you celebrate Christmas or not~
This is the beautiful Christmas Tree at my Dad's house, it's a real tree too!!
I got a new camera lens for my SLR this Christmas, so I've been playing around with it while listening to SMTown's Christmas Album :P
My Dad has let me use his tripod too! So I'll be able to take cosplay pictures way easier now ^^
Speaking of cosplay, I'm getting a new Rikku wig! :D My old one fell apart ;__; So I'm getting a new one commissioned from a lovely girl on Cosplay.com, Plumvs :) I can't wait to re-shoot Rikku and possibly wear her to a con next year! ^^ She was my first real cosplay and is very special to me :)
I'm also working on moving to Sydney! :D It's going well so far, I'll be moving in with some good friends of mine, and we've found a house that we've sent applications off for. Fingers crossed we get it!! That would be the best Christmas present ever ^_^
Once again, I hope you all have a lovely day and Merry Christmas!! <3
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Pooing around with Gumi

2011/12/14 Wed 20:30

IMG_1935_副本 - Copy

Playing around with make-up one afternoon :)
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